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Store Accessories Bluetooth® Wireless Headsets


Motorola H500 H-500 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Nickel Silver ::: 98687H

Brand : Motorola
Mfg Part # : MT 98687H

Retail Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $16.99

• Product Includes
- Motorola Bluetooth Headset H500
- Travel Charger
- User Guide
- Manuals

• Product Overview
Streamlined and sophisticated
The Motorola Bluetooth Headset H500 provides wireless connectivity and convenience. Combining an ergonomic design and versatile ear hook, this sleek headset can be worn on either ear. Created to be ultra comfortable, the Motorola H500 is so easy to wear that you'll forget you even have it on! But don't be fooled by its good looks. This petite powerhouse provides impressive battery power to boot and an omni-directional microphone to clearly pick up your voice. A perfect companion for a variety of Bluetooth compatible 1.2- and 1.1-enabled mobile phones, the Motorola H500 is a must-have accessory for communicating in style.

Ergonomically Enhanced
Offering improved comfort and sound quality over its predecessor, the Motorola H500 provides a sleek, ergonomic design that fits to your ear, allowing for comfortable wear over extended periods and providing an enhanced seal for outstanding audio performance. Style and comfort are only part of this package. The headset boasts up to 8 hours of talk time** or 130 hours of standby time** from a single charge, giving you plenty of juice for all of your wireless connections!

Mod Multi-tasker
Whether you are managing the office or party planning on-the-go, the Motorola H500 is perfect for multi-tasking with flair. Equipped with a multifunction button it`s easy to place, receive or end calls all from one button! Conversations will occur sans interruptions, as the vivid blue LED light provides a visual cue to others or if blue is not your color; you have the option of turning off the LED light.

Free and Easy
Don`t be tied down by wires. The Motorola H500 works with you to help you communicate on the go – connecting with devices up to 30 feet away. Or give your mobile a rest and connect with your Bluetooth-enabled PC for hands-free Voice over IP (VoIP)* use.

• Accessories for Motorola H500 H-500 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Nickel Silver ::: 98687H

  • Bluetooth® Wireless Headsets

    Bluetooth® Wireless Headsets
    Motorola Bluetooth Headset Razr H3 H350 H500 OEM Carry Pouch Case SYN7712 Retail Price: $9.99
    Sale Price: $6.99


    • Product Specification
    - Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones that support headset and hands-free profiles.
    - Ergonomic earhook with improved back housing design to form fit to your ear.
    - Up to 8 hours of talk time** and 130 hours of standby time** .
    - Multi-function button to control 3-way calling, call start and end, hold, mute.
    - Removable earhook to allow the headset to be worn on either ear.
    - Advanced volume controls include orientation technology to assure that volume controls will always be upright.
    - Blue LED light to notify when the headset is in use, or turn off this feature if you choose.
    - Bluetooth* 1.2 provides quicker pairing, better audio with fewer dropped calls and reduced interference from other devices.

    Available in four other colors!

    Click here to see all bluetooth headsets by Motorola.

    • Product Compatibility

     Audiovox 6600  Audiovox 6601  Audiovox XV6600 No Camera
     Audiovox XV6600 With Camera
     Danger Sidekick 3
    Handspring PalmOne
     Handspring Treo 650  Handspring Treo 680  Handspring Treo 750
    Hewlett Packard
     HP iPAQ 6315
     i-mate JAM  i-mate PDA2K  i-mate SP3
     i-mate SP3i
     Kyocera KX5
     LG CU320  LG CU500  LG KG800
     LG KG810  LG LX550 Fusic  LG PM325
     LG UX355  LG VX8100  LG VX8500 Chocolate
     LG VX9800
     Motorola A1000  Motorola A630  Motorola A668
     Motorola A760 (unlocked)  Motorola A768i  Motorola A780
     Motorola Bluetooth Headset Razr H3 H350 H500 OEM Carry Pouch Case SYN7712  Motorola Bluetooth Leather Pouch with Belt Clip ::: SYN7122  Motorola E1000
     Motorola E398  Motorola E550  Motorola E680
     Motorola E815  Motorola E816  Motorola KRZR Blue
     Motorola KRZR K1m  Motorola MPX220  Motorola MPX300
     Motorola OEM Rapid Car Auto Charger for Bluetooth H3 H5 H9 H350 H500 H670 H700 S9 :: SYN0847 SYN0847a  Motorola OEM Rapid Car Auto Charger for Bluetooth H3 H5 H9 H350 H500 H670 H700 S9 :: SYN0847 SYN0847a  Motorola Q
     Motorola RAZR V3  Motorola RAZR V3 Black  Motorola RAZR V3 Black Cingular
     Motorola RAZR V3 Blue  Motorola RAZR V3 OEM Silver  Motorola RAZR V3 Pink
     Motorola RAZR V3 T-Mobile  Motorola RAZR V3i  Motorola RAZR V3x
     Motorola RAZR V6 Maxx  Motorola RIZR Z3  Motorola Rokr E1
     Motorola SLVR L2  Motorola SLVR L6  Motorola SLVR L7
     Motorola SLVR V8  Motorola U6 PEBL  Motorola V195
     Motorola V197  Motorola V303  Motorola v323
     Motorola V325  Motorola v330  Motorola v360
     Motorola V361  Motorola V500  Motorola V501
     Motorola v505  Motorola V525  Motorola V535
     Motorola V551  Motorola V557  Motorola v600
     Motorola V620  Motorola v635  Motorola V710
     Motorola V80
     Nextel i580  Nextel i605  Nextel i870
     Nextel i880
     Nokia 3230  Nokia 3600  Nokia 3620
     Nokia 3650  Nokia 3650 (unlocked)  Nokia 3660
     Nokia 6102i  Nokia 6103  Nokia 6165
     Nokia 6230  Nokia 6230i  Nokia 6255i
     Nokia 6600  Nokia 6620  Nokia 6630
     Nokia 6651  Nokia 6670  Nokia 6680
     Nokia 6681  Nokia 6682  Nokia 6820
     Nokia 6822  Nokia 7200  Nokia 7280
     Nokia 7610  Nokia 7710  Nokia 8800
     Nokia 8801  Nokia 8890 (unlocked)  Nokia 8910i
     Nokia 9500  Nokia E62  Nokia E70
     Nokia N-Gage  Nokia N70  Nokia N90
     Nokia N91  Nokia N95
     Panasonic X11  Panasonic GU87  Panasonic x300
     Panasonic x400  Panasonic x500  Panasonic X66
     Panasonic X70  Panasonic x700  Panasonic X800
    RIM Blackberry
     Blackberry 7100  Blackberry 7100G  Blackberry 7100i
     Blackberry 7100r  Blackberry 7100t  Blackberry 7105t
     Blackberry 7130c  Blackberry 7130e  Blackberry 7130g
     Blackberry 7290  Blackberry 7520  Blackberry 8700c
     Blackberry 8700g  Blackberry 8703e  Blackberry 8705g
     Blackberry 8800
     Samsung A640  Samsung A870  Samsung A900
     Samsung A920  Samsung A930  Samsung a940
     Samsung A950  Samsung A970  Samsung A990
     Samsung C417  Samsung D307  Samsung D357
     Samsung D407  Samsung D500  Samsung D500 Grey
     Samsung D600  Samsung D807  Samsung E640
     Samsung E720  Samsung E730  Samsung E800
     Samsung E810  Samsung i607 Blackjack I  Samsung i700
     Samsung i730  Samsung i830  Samsung T509
     Samsung T519  Samsung T609  Samsung T619
     Samsung T629  Samsung T719  Samsung T809
     Samsung U620  Samsung X640  Samsung Z500
     Samsung ZX10
     Sanyo 7050  Sanyo 8400  Sanyo SCP-6600 Katana Black
     Sanyo SCP-6600 Katana Blue  Sanyo SCP-6600 Katana Pink  Sanyo SCP-6600 Katana White
     Siemens SK-65  Siemens SL55 (unlocked)  Siemens SL55 Limited Black
     Siemens SX1 (unlocked)  Siemens SX56
    Sony Ericsson
     Sony Ericsson 380 World  Sony Ericsson K510a  Sony Ericsson K600i
     Sony Ericsson K700  Sony Ericsson K750  Sony Ericsson K750i
     Sony Ericsson K790a  Sony Ericsson K800i  Sony Ericsson P800 (unlocked)
     Sony Ericsson P900  Sony Ericsson P910  Sony Ericsson P910a
     Sony Ericsson P910i  Sony Ericsson R380  Sony Ericsson R520m (unlocked)
     Sony Ericsson s700i  Sony Ericsson S710  Sony Ericsson S710A
     Sony Ericsson T28  Sony Ericsson T39m  Sony Ericsson T600
     Sony Ericsson T610  Sony Ericsson T610 (unlocked)  Sony Ericsson T616
     Sony Ericsson T630  Sony Ericsson T637  Sony Ericsson T68
     Sony Ericsson T68i  Sony Ericsson T68i (unlocked)  Sony Ericsson V800
     Sony Ericsson W300i  Sony Ericsson W710i  Sony Ericsson W800i
     Sony Ericsson Z1010  Sony Ericsson Z520a  Sony Ericsson Z520i
     Sony Ericsson Z525a  Sony Ericsson Z600  Sony Ericsson Z710i
     T-Mobile MDA  T-Mobile SDA


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